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Social Style House is a full service social media marketing and branding agency for fashion, lifestyle and ecommerce brands.

We serve businesses that want to elevate their visual content, branding, social media and digital marketing in order to find, connect and convert audiences across the most relevant platforms.

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What We Do

We know how segmented running a business can be, and we know how frustrating it is to outsource every little marketing task. Luckily, we do it all. Whether it's growing and managing your social media, creating kick-ass content, designing beautiful websites, or driving online sales - we're the whole package! We believe a cohesive brand and marketing strategy is the recipe for success.

Social Media Growth + Management

  • Instagram audience development

  • Visual branding and strategy

  • Grow a large, targeted social media following

  • Convert followers into customers

  • Social media analytics and optimizations

  • Social media campaigns, contests and giveaways

  • Blogger/Influencer outreach and collaborations

Content Creation

  • Fashion and lifestyle photography

  • Beautiful, branded flat lay images

  • Video content for all media

  • E-Commerce and product photography

  • Advanced photo and video editing

  • Professional photography equipment

  • Relationships with studios and modeling agencies

Website Design

  • Website and blog design + development

  • E-commerce store design

  • Domain name setup

  • Hosting setup

  • Copywriting

  • Email newsletter design

  • Logo design

  • Graphic design and branding

  • Ongoing website maintenance

Digital Advertising Campaigns

  • Optimize social platforms for engagement

  • Identify goals and develop clear advertising strategy

  • Design awesome creative that converts

  • Constant campaign optimization for best results

  • Regular reporting, analytics, and client communication


What Our Clients Say

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Client Success Stories


10 Steps to Increase Sales with Social Media

Social media’s unique ability to easily reach audiences all over the world makes it one of the most lucrative marketing tools out there. It now is the key intersection between all customers and all businesses in any and every industry. Never have businesses been able to communicate in real time with their customers, and turn them into brand followers.

Chances are, you’re already on a variety of social media platforms for personal use. So using social media for business purposes must be pretty easy, right? In reality, there’s a lot that goes into social media marketing you may not be aware of. Anyone can do it, but there are several key things you have to know in order to use social media to convert online traffic into a tangible, monetary profit.

Social Style House is here to help. We’ve put together a guide on using social media to market your ecommerce, lifestyle or fashion brand.

10 ways to increase sales with social media
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10 Step Digital Marketing Guide to Increased Sales & Leads

For Fashion, Lifestyle and Ecommerce Brands

How do you find paying customers for your business? The answer is digital marketing.

For small ecom businesses, digital marketing strategies will help your company get found online by the right people to attract, convert, close and delight with your products and services.

In a saturated online space of similar businesses, brands, and products, it’s going to be the business owners who have a rock-solid, high-converting digital marketing strategy that will succeed.

The critical elements to a successful digital strategy are in this free guide from Social Style House.

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