Social Media Advertising


Reach new audiences, generate traffic, & increase conversions on autopilot.

Social media advertising is the most cost-effective form of advertising available today and you can reach people instantly. As you reach more people, you open up the door for more awareness, traffic and sales. We have experience and proven data on best-practices regarding copy, headlines, and keywords. We understand A/B split testing, conversion optimization, and retargeting. Don’t spend your time trying to figure this out. You have a business to run.


Here’s what we do:

  • We develop a clear and concise ad strategy for your business.

  • We target your exact demographic based on the platform's unique targeting capabilities beyond location, age and interests. 

  • Professionally designed ads targeted to those interested in fashion and beauty to increase your reach, engagement and conversions.

  • Account monitoring and monthly reporting.

  • We constantly keep an eye on your campaigns so we can identify low-performing ads and optimize for best results. 


Our Process

Advertising Discovery Session

The first step we take is to begin the discovery phase of your campaign. This is when our team will assess your entire digital business, goals, current content and existing audiences to develop a custom advertising strategy. This is also where we will establish your budget.

FB/IG Ad and Audience Development

Once your advertising strategy is complete, we’ll begin building out your advertising funnel. Our advertising specialists will develop several versions of ads to run across your social platforms. Upon your approval, we will launch your advertising campaign.

Ad Monitoring

As your Instagram ads are running, we will be monitoring the ads on a daily basis. We will make sure that your ads are running and that you are inline with your budget. Most importantly, we will be monitoring the progress of the ads and pausing any combinations that are simply not working.

Ad Optimization

This most crucial step in any campaign. As your ads run, we will look for optimization opportunities. Our advertising specialists will analyze the performance data associated with your campaign, and make any necessary changes. This may include targeting new audiences, developing new ads, or trying different types of campaigns. Ad optimization is an advanced skill and one of the major benefits of working with an agency.

Campaign Analytics and Reporting

You will be sent Instagram advertising reports each month from our agency. It will display the amount of people reached, clicks received, as well as conversions achieved throughout your campaign.

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Client Case Studies


Why Social Style House

We believe world-class brands deserve world class marketing and we go above and beyond to make that happen.


A One-Stop Shop

We know how segmented running a business can be, and we know how frustrating it is to outsource every little marketing task. Luckily, we do it all.



We deliver a level of bespoke service that can only be orchestrated by experts truly immersed in the world of fashion, luxury and digital marketing.


Better Than Hiring In-House

For less than an in-house salary for an inexperienced entry-level college grad, you can hire a whole team of expert brand-builders.


No Long-Term Contracts

We go above and beyond for our clients and consistently prove ourselves with great work. No excuses. Just results.


Ready to Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing?

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