Social Media Marketing for Hotels and Hospitality

Luxury hotels and hospitality brands are required to go above and beyond to translate the physical experience into digital experiences if they plan on capitalizing on millennial travel spending in the Instagram age. We have experience in capturing and sharing these amazing experiences through compelling content and targeted social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management for Hotels

At Social Style House we provide professional social media management services for hotels ranging from small boutique hotels to large family resorts. We have our finger on the pulse of digital experiences and we know the impact a well produced video or photo campaign can do to influence travel spending.

We know customer service is at the core of any hotel experience. With Social Style House we embrace the importance of becoming an integral part of each client’s in-house team, answering any questions and engaging with the community to solve their problems is part of creating and leading a successful social media strategy.

Here’s what we do:

  • Content strategy and planning

  • Scheduled posting for optimal engagement

  • Instagram audience development and visual brand strategy

  • Grow a large, targeted following and convert followers into customers

  • Social media analytics and optimizations

  • Social media campaigns, contests and giveaways

  • Blogger/Influencer outreach and collaborations

  • Community management

Social Media Advertising for Hotels

Social Media Advertising for Hotels

Become one of the most popular and sought after hotels in the world with a high-quality digital advertising campaign. At Social Style House we implement highly targeted Instagram and Facebook advertising campaigns for hotels that gets you in front of travelers, vacationers, and big spenders to encourage exploration and booking.

We craft ads that’ll get your viewers having FOMO looking at their screens.

Here’s what we do:

  • We develop a clear and concise ad strategy for your hotel.

  • In addition to existing customer data, we target your target demographic based on the platform's unique targeting capabilities beyond location, age and interests.

  • Professionally designed ads targeted to those interested in your hotel to increase your reach, engagement and bookings.

  • Account monitoring and monthly reporting.

  • We constantly keep an eye on your campaigns so we can identify low-performing ads and optimize for best results.


Content Creation for Hotels

A content strategy focused on breathtaking experiences and emotional connections will aid in increasing your brands visibility and social media impact, driving people from casual browsers to loyal guests.

Our team will produce amazing lifestyle photo and video content that speaks to your hotel’s ideal customer and makes them take notice, share it with their friends and family, and calls on them to take action.

We produce content that is specifically tailored for your hotel. Our unique content strategy focuses on hotel amenities, local events, and local stories to attract travelers to your hotel, all focused on generating buzz, reach, engagement and share-ability on social media.

Content Creation for Hotels

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