Our Story

My name is Millie and I am a SSH cofounder as well as fashion & travel blogger from A Blonde Across The Pond. I came up with the idea of Social Style House because these services are exactly what I needed when I started my blog. 

Before starting A Blonde Across The Pond last summer, I had given blogging a go a couple of times and failed. When I decided to give it another try, I spent over a year doing my research before I even attempted to build a website. When I did, it proved to be almost impossible to navigate Wordpress and design a website let a lone a good one with branding and a logo. I had absolutely no experience and needed the help of a graphic/web designer. Recruiting Jake was a crucial part of starting my blog. He listened to my ideas, saw the same visions I had and together we built a beautiful, professional, easy to use website. 

Whatever type of blog or business you run, you need content! My blog was no exception and I needed help with creating killer content for both my website and social media accounts. Kori’s talent along with her professional equipment and editing skills helped me create original, beautiful content that has been invaluable to me and my business. Together we found my brand’s voice and created a visual story that over 12,000 people tune in to see each day. 

Once I had a fabulous website and amazing content, I was determined to get it seen. Gaining followers is tough but especially followers of your target demographic. I wanted my content to be seen by the right people and through over a year of research I have mastered the art of social media. I gained 10,000 followers within 8 months of blogging - followers who are engaging and interested in everything my blog has to offer. With these followers comes hundreds of likes and engaged comments on each photo/video. Social media success leads to traffic to your site which ultimately leads you to sales. I have had tremendous success with my strategy and know I can do the same for you.

The collaborative work that we have created has been essential and made my blog an almost instant success and I can focus on what I do best - blogging and inevitably making money. We are excited to be able to come together and do the same for your new blog or business.