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Looking to rebrand as a premier Los Angeles luxury real estate agent, Dena Burton came to us to help get her online, create a visual brand identity, grow her following and reach new audiences in order to expand her clientele. 

Dena also needed to generate consistent high-quality leads to sustain her real estate business. 


In nearly 12 months Social Style House grew her Instagram following from 0-32k followers, giving her a huge boost of confidence, industry authority and, of course clients. Now considered an influencer in the LA real estate community, Dena is regularly asked to be in magazines and speak on panels, all as a result of focused brand image and message and her large cultivated social media following.

Social Style House implemented highly engaging paid advertising campaigns equipped with landing pages to capture contact details, resulting in 10-30 new high-quality leads every month. 

I began my journey with Social Style House 18 months ago as I launched my new career in real estate. I wasn’t sure of what I might need for IG, and I was a bit foggy on how to put all the elements together for the ideal brand identity. I just knew that I wanted to make an educated and elegant statement within the highly competitive LA market. With our first meeting I could see that Social Style House had a broad menu of strategies to increase my brand’s awareness and grow my business.

The team at Social Style House has advised and managed every aspect of my brand and has been an integral part of my success. Not only have they taken my IG account from just 300 to more than 32k followers they have also:
- managed video production and photo shoots
- guided both the development and placement of ads on FB and IG
- Generated tons of leads for prospective buyers
- handled the design and content for the blog on my website
- increased the brand awareness for my real estate business in Los Angeles and around the world

Social Style House has embraced every project for my business with great energy and enthusiasm. They produce high quality work and are true professionals. I look forward to working with them for many years.
— Dena Burton


  • Social Media Management

  • Digital Advertising

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