Bands of LA



Bands of LA came to us to revitalize its brand and drive awareness to a younger audience by rebranding and rebuilding on all platforms. SSH did a complete overhaul of their Shopify store, and produced high-impact product, editorial, and video content for their new website and social media accounts. 

They also looked to drive brand awareness to a young, fashion-forward female audience via organic and paid social media strategies. 


SSH revamped their entire instagram to be edgy and cohesive, engaging directly with the target audience resulting in +5k followers in the first month, driving organic traffic to the ecommerce store. 

SSH also launched a variety of hyper-targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram at the re-launch of the new website and brand. They also leveraged a high-impact blog post to work for retargeting campaigns to increase traffic and bring back return customers. Bands of LA received a ~4x ROA in the first month on the initial campaign, allowing us to scale intelligently to increase ROI. 


  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Content Creation
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